Michael D'Ambrosio


in the mean streets.

The power of an agency.

The simplicity of working with one person.

Design. Photography. Copywriting. Web Development. Art Direction. Branding. It's what a typical ad agency might offer. But what if it was possible to get all of that with just one person?

Enter me, Mike D'Ambrosio. I am a one stop shop, offering the complete skill set of an agency, minus the constant back and forth.

It's simple really. I make things look good.

Design Design
copywriting copywriting
development development
retouching retouching
Photography Photography
Concepting Concepting

If building websites were like Star Trek

Mike would undoubtedly be the Number One

to your Jean-Luc Picard...

No matter how daunting the task,

he will always make it so.

- Melanie Lopez, VP, Production and Product Development, dotbox

Brands I’ve Worked With

From Fourtune 500 companies to guys working out of their garage, size matters not to me. You’ll get the same amazing creative. Companies depicted here have been both through agencies and independently.